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Microsoft dev box launched.  A virtual development machine in the cloud.

Microsoft dev box launched. A virtual development machine in the cloud.

During the Build developer conference, which began yesterday, Microsoft presented a solution for virtual computers that developers can access via the so-called cloud. Microsoft calls this a “Dev Box” and it can easily be described as a kind of Microsoft 365 for developers. Microsoft writes about Dev Box:

“The Microsoft Dev Box enables developers to focus on only the code they can write, making it easier for them to access the tools and resources they need without worrying about configuring and maintaining workstations. Developer teams preconfigure development boxes for specific projects and tasks, enabling developers to quickly get started with A ready-made environment to build and run their applications in minutes.”

Developing on virtual machines via the browser rather than on one’s computer can have its advantages. Among other things, Dev Box users can create new instances of the virtual development machine for each project, which means that the developer does not have to make changes to his development environment depending on the project he is currently working on.

Microsoft is now launching a Dev Box for invited users and plans to release the service to the public within a few months. If you want to test out the Dev Box when it’s released, you can Register your interest in this.

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