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Microsoft presents Project Volterra. Development computer for ARM applications.

Yesterday, the Microsoft Build Developer Conference kicked off and then the company showcased an ARM PC developed by Microsoft specifically for developers who want to build ARM apps for Windows.

The computer is called “Project Volterra” and is built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip which includes a so-called NPU (Neural Processing Unit). This means, among other things, that developers should be able to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence that NPU can offer in developer applications. Microsoft also said during Build that it will add support for NPUs in Windows. Panos Panay, Microsoft Product Manager, talks about NPU support in Windows:

“As we expect to see NPUs integrated into most, if not all future computing devices, we will make it easier for developers to take advantage of these new capabilities, by providing support for NPUs in the end-to-end Windows platform.”

Exactly what hardware or when it will be possible to buy a Project Volterra computer was not mentioned yesterday.

Microsoft is investing heavily in developing ARM applications and will also release Visual Studio 2022, Visual C++, Windows Terminal and other development applications with natural ARM support, it was announced yesterday. It will be possible to start testing in a few weeks, Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

Below is an introductory film for the Volterra project.

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