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Microneedle patches can detect skin cancer early

Microneedle patches can detect skin cancer early

-We used human tissue from healthy individuals. By adding tyrosinase directly to the skin, we were able to mimic skin cancer, explains the study's final author Onur ParlakAssistant teacher at Department of Medicine, SolnaKarolinska Institutet continues:

– This is an important advance for improving skin health monitoring and can also be used to screen other biomarkers with a simple design change.

It may be an alternative diagnostic method

Malignant melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer and the cancer that is increasing the most. The study shows that the new patch could become an alternative to current diagnostic methods, which could lead to early detection and treatment of malignant melanoma. The researchers hope that their work will help reduce the number of interventions and improve patients' quality of life.

Our method is less invasive and has the potential to provide faster and more reliable results compared to traditional biopsies, says Onur Parlak and continues:

Our goal is to continue developing and improving this technology to be able to provide a more accurate and painless diagnosis, concludes Onur Parlak.


Transdermal sensing of enzyme biomarker enabled chemotherapy-responsive microneedle skin patch in human skin tissue.”, Borsharifi N, Hasanpuramiri M, Zink A, Okonkwo M, Parlak O, Advanced Materials, online May 11, 2024, doi: 10.1002/adma.202403758

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