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Martin Rolinski: Melodifestivalen is a fun game | Culture & Entertainment

Martin Rolinski: Melodifestivalen is a fun game | Culture & Entertainment

Martin Rollinski has made his breakthrough as a singer in the pop band BWO, which has come close to winning the Swedish Melody Festival several times. This week he sings Finnish schlager in På resende not.

Martin Rollinsky Image: Yale

Martin Rollinski made his debut on Sweden's first talent show Popstars in 2002, and then formed the pop trio BWO (Bodies Without Organs) with Alexander Bard and Marina Sheptchenko.

The group enjoyed significant international success in both the UK and Eastern Europe before ending the collaboration five years ago.

Here, Martin talks about what it's like to take part in a televised talent show, how closely he follows the Melody Festival and what it's like to collaborate with Alexander Bard. Plus, he tells why everyone should visit the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

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