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Amazon workers on verge of historic recognition in the UK

Amazon workers on verge of historic recognition in the UK

One significant development in UK industrial relations is that for the first time Amazon may be forced to recognise a British trade union. This recognition opportunity comes after a concerted organising effort by the GMB union, which formally demanded recognition.

The development follows a massive labour mobilisation that has lasted for more than a year and increased union membership at Amazon’s Coventry facility. GMB is confident it has cleared the legal threshold for recognition, despite Amazon’s long-running campaign for it. sUnion suppression Trade union organization.

Recognition of the union would require Amazon to sit down with the GMB and discuss key issues such as pay, worker safety and working conditions. Amanda Gearing, the GMB’s chief organiser, explained the union’s position: “It was a legal sport by Amazon in an attempt to crush the pressure for union recognition. But instead of being struck, Amazon workers in Coventry have mobilised their colleagues to the union in record numbers.”

Amazon UK’s union demands are also part of a wider global movement. In November, GMB joined international unions in staging Black Friday strikes and protests, under the banner “Make Amazon Pay”. This global campaign, supported by the global union UNI, underscores the widespread demand for better working conditions and fairer treatment for Amazon employees around the world.

“Coventry could be a game changer,” said Mathias Bolton, head of trade at UNI Global Union. “The collective strength of workers and their commitment to ensuring fair treatment and working conditions is impressive. We stand in solidarity with GMB and the brave Coventry workers who are making a difference around the world.”

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