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Marriage was created in the UK with the aim of improving the education system

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He is a speech therapist by profession at the Catholic University of Asuncion (UC), and he holds a degree in Educational Science from the National University of Asuncion (UNA). Since 2016 – the year they got married after four years of dating – they have started exploring specializations at some of the most important universities in the world, and one of the most important options is for the UK to have its most important universities.

It is the marriage of 29-year-old Laura Maria Abbெtegua Paulon and Alejandro Manuel Cassette Culino, originally from Asuncion, who trained abroad to improve the education system in Paraguay.

Laura Maria chose to pursue a master’s degree in prestigious education: research, policy and training at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, England, while Alejandro decided to pursue a master’s degree in research methods with education in the Faculty of Environment, Education and Faculty. Development of the University of Manchester, England.

For the special Paraguayan couple, Scotland offered beautiful scenery, warm and friendly people, and the opportunity to experience four seasons in a single year. Photo: Courtesy.

“We have to go abroad to train, have experience living abroad for a while. After a year of getting married, we started to prepare a little bit, save money, inquire about postgraduate degrees, potential scholarships, requirements, documents, etc. The United Kingdom was our first choice. , Because it has prestigious universities because they are the best in academia and their culture has always fascinated us, ”said Abestegua Paulon, who contacted La Nacion.

Laura Maria completed her master’s degree in 2019 with courses. His dissertation focused on “Effective Inclusive Strategies for Primary Classrooms: Systematic Review of Literature and Reflections on Its Use in the Paraguayan Context.” He also worked on disability, behaviors, labels, gifts, talent, and so on. In addition, dyslexia, inclusive educational teaching, curriculum, global design of learning, equity and educational impairment.

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My project was developed to encourage people to develop their knowledge and experience in the field of inclusive education through an important engagement with research, policy and practice. It helps experts gain confidence in the ability to create a positive and inclusive environment for students who are constantly changing in the current academic environment, ”Laura Maria explained, when asked about the purpose of the research project going forward.

For his part, Alejandro Manuel Cassette Culino, who created the project “Research Methods with Education”, pointed out that during his postgraduate career, his research series focused on the principles and practices of cultural bilingual education in Latin American countries and in a particular way. In the Paraguayan context.

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“The research program was active in research, designed for people who want to pursue a doctoral degree or research career. Its objectives were to develop research skills and knowledge of education. In this sense, the program allows the student to choose a profession that suits their interests, which in my case should be an expertise in academic leadership, ”said Cassette Culino.

The aim of the young married couple is to provide new knowledge in the field of education with a view to improving access, equity and quality of education in Paraguay. In addition, they facilitate the development of knowledge through research and academic advancement.

“Whether in the public, private or voluntary sectors, I have two main aspirations in improving access to our country and improving the quality of education and developing knowledge that will help improve this aspect through research. A suggestion, ”said Cassette Culino.

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Laura Maria, a married couple who grew up abroad, wants to contribute something new that will be useful to a community that is very backward in terms of education, they know they have the tools, with a young mindset and want to see the education sector of our country grow.

Alejandro Manuel Cassette Culino, the best Paraguayan of the week on LN. Photo: Courtesy.

“I want to contribute from the public sector, but there will always be a lot in all disciplines when it comes to all-inclusive education. When my husband was studying in Alejandro Manchester, I had the opportunity to work in the inclusive education area at a public school there. In addition to studying and specializing, I was able to gain rich experience and a great perspective in this field, which made me want to work even harder for the future of our country, ”said Laura Maria.

Both completed their studies in 2020, and for more than a month they have been looking for job opportunities in their specialty, inclusive education and research in education in Paraguay. This marriage – like some others – has the will to work where the goals and objectives of Paraguayan education arise.

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And they want to be in a better position to realize and implement policies towards inclusive education. In addition, they dream of contributing their sand grain to make a significant contribution to the development of a just and equal society.

“Although my experience abroad has been affected by the corona virus infection, I believe the experience of living and studying abroad has been very positive. Contact with different cultures and lifestyles helps to broaden your personal horizons, as well as the opportunity to learn from professors and researchers, many of whom are well versed in their field of knowledge. It is also challenging, ”said Cassette Culino, who discussed his experience coaching abroad.

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Likewise, he encouraged other comrades to take up this challenge of growing personally, professionally and academically. He stressed the need to take advantage of existing opportunities to study abroad, such as the Don Carlos Antonio Lopez National Scholarship Program (PECAL), which is a means of funding his training in the United Kingdom.

Laura Maria Abestogue Paulon (29), L.N. Photo: Courtesy.

“The master’s degree I did was funded by Beck. I applied for the scholarship because my interested master’s degree was in education, which is a priority area for the country. In September 2018 with Alejandro we sold everything and moved to Scotland. We went without drawing the whole route to the end, not knowing if it would be one, two years or more, but we are ready to search for our best and adventure, ”said Laura Maria.

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