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The UK has imposed nearly 69,000 fines for violating anticoagulant regulations


LONDON, Feb. 25 (EFE) .- British police have fined citizens 68,952 for violating restrictions on bringing in Covit-19 since the outbreak began, new data released this Thursday.
Statistics provided by the National Council of Police Chiefs (NPCC) show that in total, law enforcement officers in this country came to apply for more than 6,000 sanctions in a single week.
Of the 68,952 fines, 63,201 in the UK and 5,7751 in Wales were issued between March 27, 2020 and February 14.
Sanctions have resurfaced just before Christmas, with the introduction of Level 4 restrictions and the last national lockdown order in the UK, which began on January 4th.
The NPCC points out that a total of 4,752 fines were issued in the week before February 11, which is lower than the 6,218 recorded in the previous week, but higher than the first national lockout in the spring of 2020. : 3,294.
“We are still at the most dangerous stage of an epidemic that has killed more than 120,000 people,” Martin Hewitt, chairman of the National Council of Police Chiefs, warned today.
“Eleven months later, in a national prison again, the rules are so clear, it’s disgusting to us,” Hewitt added, concluding that “there are a small number of completely irresponsible people who do not respect their safety or the safety of others.”

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