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Lots of clues turn into idiotic jokes

Lots of clues turn into idiotic jokes

One of the two teams withdrew in a weary despair. The second team surrendered and got two points by mistake.

When it comes to Swedish destinations, On Track seems worried that it will be too easy. That’s when a lot of clues turn into goofy jokes that aren’t even jokes. Christian Locke looked a little shy when he admitted after the first desperate flight that they were very difficult guides.

It was a match between two teams, which was entertaining to say the least.

In One Team: History teacher and P3 voice teacher Cecilia Düringer was this evening’s debut. Comedian Jonathan Ong was there before, but then his mom was with him.

In the second team: Irina Bozar, columnist Expressen, and musician Patrick Arff. The team participated last year without admiration. Now they are back for revenge. But even before the start, Arv declared that he was not very good at the geography of Sweden.

Both teams started to panic. They heard evidence, but did not notice it. Newbie Cecilia Düringer was right all the way, gaining knowledge, but forgetting what she said.

First flight: Alingsås, Västergötland. Both started in Belgrade, and Young made a trip to England before moving to Gothenburg, without knowing why. Then it was Pozar & Arve in Västerås. When that wasn’t the case, I gave up and let him say Alingsås, which he didn’t think existed.

But she did.

Second trip: Kampala, Uganda. Things went better there. Düringer & Unge hit eight, Arve who seems to know more African cities than Swedish, landed in six.

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Third flight: Brighton, UK. Walldoff’s name sent the team to Germany, but it was Sven-Olof Walldoff, who led the orchestra in Napoleon’s uniform when Abba won in Brighton.

In Närmast vinner, the moment you have to locate on a blind map, Arve once again showed a lack of knowledge and put Malung in Värmland.

When Düringer first arranged her thoughts, she was the one who picked up the points in the knowledge questions and was behind the team winning numbers 33-24.

Decent numbers for Düringer & Unge, which will definitely pass. As for Pozar & Arve, the train may have left.

Locke protested in “On the Track” after Lindstrom’s words