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Presenter: "The English take over according to the principle of a cooked frog"

Presenter: “The English take over according to the principle of a cooked frog”

A giant poster at Slussen metro station in Stockholm asks the question “Do you go out naked?” Why is the English word “nudes” used here and not the Swedish word “nudes”? Why is Swedish mixed with English, which today is a rule rather than an exception?

Swedish is gradually being phased out and English is gradually being introduced according to the principle of cooked frog. This principle means that if you put a frog in boiling water, it jumps straight out of the pot, but if you put a frog in a pot of cold water that heats slowly, the frog won’t notice any difference but stays in the pot.

It is the idea that we are Swedes Slowly but surely should we get used to the English language in the same way that a frog gets used to the warmer water? Is there a plan for English to become the official language in Sweden and possibly also in the European Union – despite the fact that the UK has now left the union?

Why is English seen and heard so much in public in Sweden? Why are TV shows and movies in Sweden largely only in English? Why are privately owned English language schools allowed to wash Sweden in the tsunami after the tsunami that flooded Swedish-speaking municipal schools and in the long run also Swedish?

Why go to universities Are colleges increasingly turning to English? Why don’t politicians and the media mention that our Swedish language lives dangerously high? Swede’s survival is an important electoral issue. Why this deadly silence?

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However, this is allegedly not the case with the principle of cooked frog. In completed tests, frogs are said to jump out of the water when it gets too hot. We just hope we Swedes do it before we stand on our bare butts and lose our native language.