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"Trauma with a large lump in the throat" - work

“Trauma with a large lump in the throat” – work

Officials at Bergendahls Food, a Hässleholm food wholesaler, may have suspected that the digital meeting could be about the cuts. This has been the subject of speculation since Dagab acquired the company last fall.

But two things are still shocked after clicking on the link at 2pm on Thursday.

On the other hand, Range, a warning that as many as 130 white collar jobs could disappear.

– It was expected that there would be a change. An employee who wishes to remain anonymous says that so many people come as a shock.

The alert came via video

The second shocker was in shape. It wasn’t really an encounter. Information about the alert was provided via a pre-recorded video that started when the link was clicked.

When he finished after 11 minutes and 30 seconds, those involved were not given the opportunity to respond or ask questions.

– It’s very tragic, it affects a lot of people and you are sending a video link where you can’t ask questions. But it’s an easy way to avoid questions in difficult situations, says the anonymous employee.

Federation: Questions cannot be asked

Stefan Olsson is the president of the Unionen Club at the company. He was also amazed at the scope of the notice, but as a representative of the guild, he was aware of the task before clicking on the link.

– What I wasn’t ready for was to be interviewed by a pre-recorded movie. There was no opportunity to ask any question in any chat or any live post whatsoever. When the movie ended, the lottery ended.

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Most of the people received the message on the computer at home, as they work there due to the pandemic.

Stefan Olsson says he does not question that the company wants to do the right thing or criticize the film’s content in the current situation. But he is not happy that way.

– It elicited huge reactions. Many of them have probably been here most of their working lives and have really given their all for their employer.

CEO: I didn’t want to hack Teams

Dagabs vd Nicholas Peterson say to Expressen They would have preferred to leave the message on site in Hässleholm, but it was unsuccessful due to the epidemic.

We have some mixed experiences with team technology, especially when it comes to very large meetings. It got a feel for this moment that we didn’t want it to start hacking the technology – and then we chose to do it that way, he says of why they chose a pre-recorded movie.

Stefan Olsson and another employee with whom Arbetet has been in contact describe a family business in which many have worked for a long time, sometimes for generations.

It would be a severe blow to the entire area, which DGB has chosen to give such extreme notice, says Stefan Olsson of the new owner’s letter.

Employee “knife in the back”

The other person worked in the company for a long time and enjoyed it.

You get shocked and get a big lump in your throat. When you burn for your work and then you get a knife in the back. The person says about the Thursday message that it is gloomy and people are very disappointed.

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Negotiations on the notice will begin on Monday. The background is that there is an organization for the same type of business elsewhere with the new owner Dagab.