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Liberal voters can decide the fate of the European Union

Liberal voters can decide the fate of the European Union

With the European Union elections approaching, a fierce political battle begins once again over the direction the Union should take in the next election period.

In recent years, right-wing populist movements have gained a foothold in many EU countries, so liberal-minded voters in particular now have to energize themselves. In Sweden, the Sweden Democrats have established themselves as an important political force, in Germany the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has become the second largest party in opinion polls, and in France, the far-right National Front has only gained increasing support since Le Pen's resignation.

In Finland, for our part, we saw how the government did not make the real Finns cleaner. On the contrary, we are witnessing constant abuse: the minister's racist writings have not led to any long-term consequences, the Minister of Justice has intervened in a working group investigating the independence of the courts, and criminal charges are constantly being brought against party representatives. The boundaries of what is acceptable and appropriate have become increasingly fluid.

It is not surprising that the far right is gaining increasing popularity. People are drawn to the simple answers right-wing populists offer to difficult questions. Nationalist slogans and nostalgia for the past provide a sense of security at a time when everything seems uncertain.