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British chain cancels movie shows after protests

The British film Our Lady of Heaven, which is about the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, premiered in the UK last week.

Shortly thereafter, cinema chain Cineworld chose to cancel all shows Watchman. The background is that the film, accused of showing the face of the Prophet Muhammad, was met with criticism and protests, including by a host of names and outside of affected cinemas. According to Cineworld, the decision to cancel the shows was made “to preserve the safety of the staff and our guests.”

among those who The decision was questioned by British politician Claire Fox, who wrote on Twitter that the actions of the cinema chain were “disastrous for art and dangerous for freedom of expression”.

Film producer Malik Schleback told The Guardian that dozens of people had contacted him after they failed to purchase tickets for the film. He believes cinemas should “defend their right to show films that people want to see”.

This is an artistic effort that discusses and deepens history and religion, and is always full of different angles and interpretations. It is natural and healthy. We welcome that and welcome people who express themselves, whether they are for or against the film, he says.

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