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EU Ambassador: “Russia does not take Europe seriously”

Tensions are rising between Russia and Ukraine, and NATO is trying to negotiate between the parties. However, Russia did not take the EU into account in the talks. This angers embassy official Stefano Sanino.

Stefano Sunino is the Secretary-General of the European Foreign Service, which negotiates with states around the EU.

He hopes it will be punished when Russia ignores the EU in talks on Ukraine. As the tone accelerated over time, NATO was the first to enter into negotiations with Russia.

The United States, as a NATO country, has been invited to the talks, but not one of the EU member states that is a member of NATO. Instead the EU is allowed to negotiate separately through individual member states. For example, German Foreign Minister Annalena Ferbeck met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Kremlin. CNBC.

Russia must take the EU into account

Relations between the EU and Russia have been frozen since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, with Lavrov at a press conference last year saying the EU was not a reliable partner, while Ambassador Joseph Borel stood by.

Stefano Sunnino believes that Russia should take the EU more seriously in the situation that has arisen.

“It simply came to our notice then [Ryssland] Have done, but they dream of a multi-faceted world dominated by the United States, Russia and China, which will lead to growth against their own interests. “Unfortunately, the world is much more complicated than that.”

He also believes that Russia’s underestimation of the economic strength of the EU will be punishable.

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Russia has been accused of carrying out a cyber attack

“We have our problems, difficulties and issues, I do not deny it. But that does not mean that the EU is not an important player in all respects.

As the situation worsens, many have retaliated from the EU. Ukraine, in particular, wants to know what kind of action the EU can take if Russia takes another step in the conflict. Last Friday, Ukrainian officials believed Russia was behind a cyber attack.

“Let’s see how it develops at the grassroots level.” Says Stefano Sunnino.

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