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Kim Jong-Un's sister Kim Yo-Jong has been promoted to SAC

Kim Jong-Un’s sister Kim Yo-Jong has been promoted to SAC

A few years ago, Kim Yo Jong was one of the most influential political figures in North Korea. As the sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, she acted as an advisor to her brother, served as the deputy head of the Communist Party’s Propaganda Department – and was elected as a deputy to the party’s executive committee, Politburo.

Now she is taking the next step. In a major cabinet reshuffle, Kim Yo-Jong was given a seat on the country’s highest decision-making body, the State Affairs Commission (SAC), headed by Kim Jong-Un himself. It takes the step of strengthening its role at the top of the absolute dictatorship. Last year, South Korean intelligence judged it to be second in the rankings, but its official status has never been at that level.

Kim Jong-un is really reshaping the committee

Seven more people were promoted to the SAC, while nine members were forced out.

Among those demoted are Park Bong-ju, who has long been an economic advisor to Kim Jong-un, and Ri Byung-chul, who was the leader of North Korea’s weapons program. He was replaced by General Pak Jong Chun, who was responsible for developing new weapons. Park Jong-chun was behind the robot’s test earlier this week, with North Korea claiming to have launched its first hypersonic robot.

The test alarmed the outside world, as a hypersonic robot could theoretically fly at up to 20 times the speed of sound. CNN. The fact that it is also difficult to detect with radar, as it can fly at lower altitudes than ballistic robots, and because it is easy to navigate while traveling does not reduce anxiety. However, the fact that North Korea will actually finish developing such an efficient hypersonic robot is incredible.

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Kim Yo-Jong stole i OS

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