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Kia Ceed Sportwagon PHEV – ‘Open to Low Operating Costs’

Kia Ceed Sportwagon PHEV – ‘Open to Low Operating Costs’

europeandex. A reasonable alternative for families who want to commute with electric, but not for those who have demands for driving pleasure. The Kia Ceed SW PHEV is Sweden’s best-selling hybrid, but what do the experts say on the continent?

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Kia has really succeeded in its electrification journey in Sweden. And then not only with electric cars like the E-niro and E-Soul. On the extra hybrid side, a big imprint has been made lately. This is with the Ceed model.

In the usual old model with a gasoline engine, it was described in New technology test As a ‘budget lukewarm alternative’ – but as a plug-in hybrid, it was a ‘great alternative’.

And it seems that we Swedes love what the Korean manufacturer has to offer. The Ceed SW PHEV is by far the best-selling hybrid of 2021. In fact, the model, listen and be amazed, has shared the number one spot since the turn of the year.

In a way, this makes sense. In Sweden, we love the fitted models – and electric is the hottest one at the moment. But what does it look like in the rest of Europe? If you were not now nationally inclined to regard the palace car as the ultimate model?

This is a typical Kia

In terms of appearance, there is very little difference between the regular Ceed and the variant which also has a battery and electric motor on board. This applies both externally and inside the cabin.

“The cabin is typical of a Kia. This is in a way that looks very good and with a layout that prioritizes ease of use – but at the same time lacks a bit of style,” he describes Fitness Trainer Models.

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But not everything is the same. Kia was not able to deceive the laws of physics – because space disappeared in the car.

“Unfortunately, the batteries mean a noticeable compromise in cargo space. With Combi sizes, the Ceeden’s 437 liters with the seats in place and 1,506 liters with the back row folded is pretty lean,” writes the Briton Auto Express.

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The Ceed PHEV combines a small electric motor with a four-cylinder petrol engine, the latter without a turbo or compressor. The power of the electric motor is obtained from a battery of 8.9 kWh. The same solution is also found in the hybrid versions of Niro and Xceed.

The power of the Kia Ceed SW PHEV is not excessive. A 105-horsepower 1.6-liter engine powered by a 60-horsepower electric motor,” Dutch succinctly Auto review Entire.

In total, it sums up to 141 horsepower. In Germany, they point out the problem that the driving line is a little present in the smallest team, not least if you want to drive on the motorway.

“The driveline of 141 hp is not very smart. Although the hybrid Kia Ceed SW accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds, it craves the features of a modern turbocharged – especially on the Autobahn. Especially when the battery runs out and it will 105 hp petrol alone,” he writes Auto newspaper.

However, this is not considered in French turbo to write:

“As long as you maintain a proper driving style, the Ceed will be quiet without losing agility. The chassis is what you can expect from a station wagon, but comfort doesn’t just come from good suspension and body smoothness. The brakes also contribute through its stability—something that doesn’t Most charged hybrid cars have it.”

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However, this opinion is not shared by the citizens car review Which reveals how the French and Germans differ in how they think the car should be developed.

“From the first wheelbase, we realized that this car was designed by the Germans. The damping is very strong. It’s not unpleasant, but on our bad country roads we appreciated a little softness,” they wrote.

sum up

So how do you sum up the Kia Ceed as a plug-in hybrid station wagon? In the European benchmark, the model receives 69.60 points out of a possible 100 (based on 15 sources). The newspaper was written in the United Kingdom Which?.

“There is very little wrong with looking at the Kia Ceed Sportswagon PHEV from the perspective of a family car. It has plenty of space, is comfortable and safe to drive and has a great level of standard equipment. It opens up the hybrid system for very low operating costs while also affording Kia’s seven-year warranty. Peace of mind “.

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In Germany cars and sports You might not be impressed with the Ceed’s plug-in hybrid version in this way – however, they think it’s best in class.

“Only a few cars have absolutely no alternatives – such an entity. Because in the little-known race to deliver the first plug-in hybrid, Ceed was the fastest.”

In Denmark he writes That plug-in hybrid is as nice a car as the regular Ceed. But this would be exceptional for those with a proper driving style.

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“For you who drives only 40-50 kilometers a day and have the opportunity to install a charging station at home or at work – this is an ingenious car.”