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Näslund competes in Russia - so the Swedes are affected by the conflict

Näslund competes in Russia – so the Swedes are affected by the conflict

According to information from the International Ski Federation FIS, the seventh round of the World Cup will be canceled despite the escalation of the situation between Russia and Ukraine. Sunny Valley is located at the foot of the Urals, less than 250 km from the Ukrainian border.

– We have been given the go-ahead, so the team is currently on a plane between China and Russia, says national team manager Lars Millen.

Is it reasonable to compete in a country that has just brought in military forces in another country?

– As long as the International Skating Federation does not have a different opinion, we will run for him. Melin says it’s not up to me to look at the ethical aspects, you can talk to guild leader Ola Stromberg about that.

First Stromberg:

– I don’t think we should deal with and comment on the geopolitical situation, but we do relate to the recommendations that we receive. They come from both the FIS and the State Department, and if they say it’s a green light, we’ll go for it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises not to The Swedes go to Ukraine and the Russian lands of Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that there should be no imminent danger in the area where the competition is being held. Sunny Valley is quite far from the Ukrainian border, says Federal President Ola Stromberg.

Other Swedish teams will also go to Russia in the near future. At the end of March, the World Cup will be scheduled in Bande for the first time in three years, as previous tournaments have been canceled due to the pandemic.

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Erik Pettersson is one of the players selected in Syktyvkar’s WC membership overall team.

Photo: Thomas Johansson / TT

Released on Tuesday Total team championship in Syktyvkar, located about 130 km northeast of Moscow. But the Pandey Society has not yet decided to go.

– It is a difficult situation and a matter that we have discussed for a very long time, before what happened on Monday night. The last thing that happened now is so new we don’t really know how to handle the situation. The only thing we know is that we don’t know how we’re going to do, says sports director Karen Tourniclint.

Are you suppose to go?

– We are not starting from anything, but we plan to be able to participate in the World Cup, and then we will see how we do it. Ultimately, I think it’s going to be a boardroom problem.

In addition, the P17 World Cup will be held in Russia just before the men’s tournament.

– We already have a media meeting planned for players and parents to discuss the restrictions on the spread of the virus and the security situation in the country. We’ll have the same with the men’s squad that’s going. But as I said, the only thing we know now is that we don’t know, so to speak.

in some places There are instances where states have chosen not to go. In the men’s Basketball World Cup qualifiers, Great Britain canceled its away match against Belarus after the British government advised against travel to both Ukraine and Belarus.

“Given the reports of heightened tensions in the region, advice from the Home Office and meeting the emotions and concerns between both players and staff, the Board has determined that the safety and well-being of the team is the only priority,” said Tony Menicillo. President of the British Basketball Association. the Union website.

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