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Kamala Harris crisis following the statement of the genocide of Israel

Kamala Harris crisis following the statement of the genocide of Israel

Joe Biden has had a difficult summer and fall, with crises piling on top of one another. Now it’s time for a crisis that Kamala Harris has also inflicted.

The vice president came under fire for his actions earlier this week during a visit to George Mason University. In a meeting with political science students, she received a question from a student that sparked American support for Israel.

– You spoke about the power of the people, and that demonstrations and organizations are valuable to the United States. The student, who presented himself as partly Yemeni and partly Iranian, said, I saw that during the summer there were big protests and demonstrations regarding Palestine, but a few days ago the money was allocated to continue supporting Israel.

– It hurts the heart, because it is genocide and forced resettlement of people, the same thing that happened here in America and I’m sure you know that. I feel like he’s not listening to him enough. And I wanted to talk about it because it affects my life and the people I care about.

Kamala Harris did not object

Kamala Harris then replied that she was glad the student had brought up the topic.

This is about your voice, your point of view, your experience, your truth cannot be suppressed and must be heard. Our goal should be unity, not unity. Kamala Harris said the point she makes about our Middle East policy, we still have healthy debates in our country about what is the right way and no one’s voice should be silenced about it.

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They did not oppose the student making many go to the surface. Israeli newspapers published articles with headlines such as “Vice President Harris to the student who accuses Israel of genocide: Your truth must be heard.”

Now the crisis is being fully managed in the vice-president’s camp, according to reports Politico And CNN.

– The vice president does not agree at all with the student’s description of Israel. Throughout her career, she has remained steadfast in her support of Israel and Israel’s security, says Kamala Harris spokeswoman, Simone Sanders.

Contact pro-Israel groups

Several pro-Israel organizations were contacted by Kamala Harris advisors, including the Israel Democratic Majority lobby group, to clarify their position.

We are pleased that they called us to confirm what we already know: that their commitment to Israel’s security is unwavering, says group president Mark Millman.

The advisers are said to have assured the organizations that Harris’ silence was not the same as support.

“There is an awareness that the impression one makes about not correcting them to a student is problematic,” says William Daroff, president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

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