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Austria shuts down - vaccination plans

Austria shuts down – vaccination plans

The nationwide restrictions apply to everyone for ten days from Monday, and can be extended for a maximum of another ten days. So the signal is that the approaching major holidays are not in danger.

However, it is not a comprehensive shutdown. Necessary travel is permitted, for example to and from work and the store. Schools remain open. And even “staying outdoors for physical and mental recreation” is okay, According to a Crohn’s newspaper report,.

Duty from February

The increasing incidence of COVID-19 in the country has already prompted Austria to impose a ban on those who have not been vaccinated. The government concluded that this did not appear to be sufficient.

We haven’t managed to get enough people to get vaccinated, says Schallenberg.

Thus, the state is also planning to implement a vaccination obligation from February next year, he said.

The chancellor previously described Austria’s vaccination rate as embarrassingly low. But it depends on what you are comparing it to. The vaccination rate is lower than that of many countries in Western Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Germany and Sweden. But next to its neighboring countries to the east, including the Czech Republic and Hungary, Austria has much better numbers.

turns up

European Agency for the Control of Infectious Diseases Show ECDC vaccination maps Vaccination incentives are also working in the country – having been very low for a few months, the numbers of newly vaccinated have come up in recent weeks.

But it takes a while before these things take effect in the health condition. Austria is located According to the statistics website Statista It currently ranks 22nd in the world in terms of the number of coronavirus deaths per million inhabitants, after mainly a number of Eastern European countries.

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A long line for a mobile vaccination center, located in a bus, in Vienna earlier this week. Photo: Lisa Lautner/AP/TT