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It's a privilege to be back on British soil

It’s a privilege to be back on British soil

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan left the British royal home in January 2020 and moved to California.

On Monday evening, Meghan delivered her first speech in England since the British media called it “Mexit”.

The pair landed in England over the weekend and attended the One Young World event in Manchester. She said she and Harry were “privileged” to be able to attend the event “on British soil”.

– It’s great to be back in the UK, it’s great to be back with you at One World, said Meghan.

He addressed the youth from 190 countries.

– You are the future but also the present, leading the positive and necessary changes needed across the planet, Megan said.

“I was the lady in the ‘suits’ surrounded by world leaders”

Describing One World as a “pinch me” moment, she said she was “very nervous” when she was first asked to take part in 2014.

– There I was, a lady named “Suits”, surrounded by world leaders, prime ministers and activists for whom I had a deep and longstanding respect and admiration. I had to join, and I got a seat at the table. I was so engrossed in the experience that I think I saved the little piece of paper with my name on it. Proof that I was there, proof that I belonged, Megan said, and to be honest, I’m not sure I really did.

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