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The Willy Wonka event was criticized as an epic letdown, compared to a meth lab

The Willy Wonka event was criticized as an epic letdown, compared to a meth lab

An “immersive experience” promised the transfer Fans of Willy Wonka's “A Magical World” turned out to be such a disappointment that agents called the police and compared the attraction to a meth lab.

The event in the UK was titled Willy's Chocolate Experience and cost customers $44 each (pictures below). It was an attraction NB Subsidiary to Warner Bros. film Wonka, although the marketing for the event came as close as possible to suggesting that it was based on the creation of author Roald Dahl. the Ad copy He invited fans on a journey into “a world where sweet dreams are brought to life” which includes “mind-expanding projections, visual wonders, and exhibits that transport you into the world of creativity” and “magnificent creations and enchanting surprises at every turn!”

The event organizers apparently used artificial intelligence to create promotional images suggesting a high-quality attraction, which looked exactly like the immersive, trippy Wonka-esque world the ad copy promised. But the result was rather different, and ticket buyers needed pure imagination to think it looked like a fantasy chocolate factory.

like reported by Watchman, agents showed up in Glasgow to find “a sparsely decorated warehouse with a bunch of plastic props lying around, a little bouncy castle and some backdrops hanging on the walls.” Police Scotland were called to the scene and the event was closed and parents said their children were crying. All the event lacked was a man in a hat telling customers: “You get nothing! You lose! Good morning, sir!”

Photos from the event spread online comparing what was promised and what was delivered:

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Of course, one could argue that the Willy Wonka-inspired event ending with angry parents and crying children is more authentic to Dahl's novel than any of Wonka's later films.

Watchman He added that the event organizers refunded the tickets and apologized for the “extremely stressful and frustrating day”, telling customers: “Unfortunately, at the last minute we felt let down in many areas of our event and we did our best to continue and move forward, and we now realize that we probably should have cancelled. Something this morning instead.

This is how a good apology shines in a stressful world.

to update: The actor playing Willy Wonka at the event speaks out: 'The script was 15 pages of AI-generated gibberish'