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British letter to Germans: Drive a truck

British letter to Germans: Drive a truck

In the United Kingdom, drastic measures are being taken to overcome the country’s fuel crisis very quickly.

From Monday, the British military will supply petrol to gas stations across the country to defuse the crisis. Fuel shortages are caused by problems with drivers for fuel transport, which is thought to be the result of Brexit and infection.

The saddle was asked again

Now a letter has been sent to about one million residents in the UK who have been licensed to drive a truck, with a call to return to the driving profession. The letter reached thousands of Germans who had previously obtained a driver’s license in the old homeland before 1999, thus automatically obtaining a driver’s license. Ambulance staff have also been asked in the letter to consider changing jobs. The Independent reports.

The reason for this is that a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said they could not remove them from the mailing list due to secrecy rules, pointing out that ambulance drivers do not want to change professions.

– This letter was automatically sent to nearly one million people with a truck license – including a limited number of international residents who are automatically eligible. A spokesman says everyone who wants to drive professionally should be subjected to further tests and training.

“Very surprised”

A 41-year-old German man who received a letter addressed to his address in London tells The Independent:

– We were very surprised. I firmly believe that the salary and conditions for truck drivers have improved, but I have decided to continue my work at an investment bank.

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– My wife never drove anything bigger than a Volvo, so she wanted to deny this wonderful opportunity too.

The government says the driver shortage is behind the crisis with unprecedented demand. British fuel giants say buying panic is a crime.