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It is said that Vladimir Putin has three years to live

A source in the Russian intelligence service stated that Vladimir Putin is dying.

He will suffer from severe cancer and risk losing his sight soon.

– He has no more than two to three years to live, the Russian spy tells the British newspaper The Mirror.

New information about Putin’s deteriorating health comes from a source within the FSB.

The source first contacted the defected FSB agent Boris Karpichkov, who has been hiding in England and since then In direct contact with The Mirror.

As for the newspaper, the source states that Russian President Vladimir Putin His doctors told him he had two to three years left at the most. According to the information, the Russian president suffers from “a dangerous type of cancer that spreads rapidly.”

The source explained that the disease also causes his eyesight to deteriorate sharply.

– We were told he had headaches and when he was on TV everything had to be written in very large letters so he could read what he was going to say, the spy told The Mirror.

The letters are too large to fit only a few sentences on a piece of paper. Really seeing it worse.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin also refuses to wear glasses because they are considered a sign of weakness, according to reports.

He suffers from several diseases

It is not known what type of cancer the 69-year-old president has, but leukemia and thyroid cancer have been rumored.

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The fact that Putin is not in good health led to him constantly being surrounded by a team of doctors for various treatments.

– Meetings with the Security Council, which will actually last for an hour, are divided into several sections. Former British spy Christopher Steele said he goes out and receives some sort of medical treatment between sessions.

– Of course he is seriously ill, but it is not clear how intractable he is. We can’t be completely sure, Steele told LBC radio.

In addition to cancer, it has been rumored for several years that Putin has Parkinson’s disease, which attacks the nervous system and is characterized by handshakes.

The Russian spy also told The Mirror that Putin had tremors.

The Kremlin has not officially confirmed any of these rumors.

He will take over if Putin dies

The latest information that the Russian president has a maximum of three years to live, made people around him start talking about his successor.

According to The Mirror, two of the candidates will be Governor Alexei Dyumin, 49, who previously served as Putin’s bodyguard, and Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev, 44.

However, if Putin’s health fails now or if he dies of other causes, a temporary successor will be available.

According to official records, Prime Minister Mikhail Misjestin, 56, will take over the leadership for 90 days, or until new presidential elections can be held.