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Iran: Closer to nuclear deal than ever before

Iran: Closer to nuclear deal than ever before

It is not clear when the talks will resume, but the EU envoy told Reuters that there was a clear picture today of Iran’s political situation to reach an agreement.

Ambassador Enrique Mora told reporters that he believes it has succeeded and that only at the next hearing can it determine how close it is to a solution.

But the United States says there are still differences of opinion on important issues.

– There is still a long way to go when it comes to important issues. Jack Sullivan, the US government’s defense adviser, told ABC News that sanctions (targeting Iran) and Iran’s nuclear promises the country needs to ensure.

Discussions began With the aim of re-establishing some sort of nuclear deal with Iran in April. The so-called JCPOA agreement, signed in 2015, was torn down by the United States under President Donald Trump. Sanctions against Iran were introduced simultaneously.

Successor Joe Biden has indicated his willingness to return to a diversified solution aimed at preventing Iran from buying nuclear weapons. At the same time, talks are awaiting the presidential election in Iran, where the rulers can see their candidate Raisi elected.

Meetings between Britain, China, Germany, France, Russia and Iran have been taking place in the Austrian capital Vienna since April. The United States is indirectly involved through agents.

Representatives of Iran Breathed victory during the meeting.

“We are closer to an agreement than ever before, but the distance between us and a solution remains, and controlling it is not an easy contest,” Iranian chief negotiator Abbas Arachchi told Iranian state television after the meeting from Vienna.

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He said “controlling the gaps” was up to the “other party”, the United States.

Israel has been so far Against the nuclear deal between Iran and the group of six countries it negotiated. Israel also has a new political leadership, replacing the newly appointed Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett Benjamin Netanyahu.

But Bennett showed no sign of changing Israel’s attitude toward Iran. Following President Reyes’ election victory, Bennett wrote that Iran, with Reese as president, would be a “brutal executioner’s regime” with which the nations of the world should not negotiate a nuclear deal.

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