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Meghan and Harry are angry about Prince Charles' move on Archie

Meghan and Harry are angry about Prince Charles’ move on Archie

Prince Charles will make sure that Archie, Megan and Harry’s son never become a prince. It writes Daily Mail. The heir to the throne is said to have announced the transfer of documents to the Duke and Duchess – royal letters – which would have previously made Archie a prince on the day of King Charles.

Meghan and Harry “shocked”

According to the newspaper sources, the news must have been the trigger for the attacks on Harry and Megan’s royal family. Meghan and Harry are said to have been shocked by what they learned – especially since they chose not to use the title under the “Earl of Dumbarton” that Archie actually gets. The decision not to use the title of the figure was made with the firm conviction that Archie would one day become a prince.

When the aforementioned interview was done with Oprah, the news was still fresh – and with new scars – which, according to sources, could explain how serious allegations were thrown in the direction of the royal family.

Not wanting to pay for a growing royal home

The king’s grandson, as Archie was when that day came, has long held the title of prince in Britain, but Prince Charles is said to have decided to reduce the number of royal dignitaries. The reason for the slim interest is that he firmly believes that people do not always want to continue to pay for the growing royal house.

Full plans for the dilapidated royal residence have not been released, but it is speculated that only the direct heirs to the throne and their immediate family will receive full degrees, full sight and police protection through the taxpayers’ wallets. Charles and his brother Prince Andrew are said to have disagreed with the protection of Andrews and Duchess Sarah’s “Fergie” daughters, Princess Beatrice and Eugene.

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The Queen’s response brings tears to her eyes

Takes the cake – with a sword.
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