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iPadOS gets a multitasking update and improved feedback control in iOS

iPadOS gets a multitasking update and improved feedback control in iOS

Tomorrow, it’s finally time for WWDC and Gurman to take the opportunity to reveal some of what he thinks he knows Apple will reveal tomorrow.

to me Bloombergs Mark Gorman So iPadOS will get many updates as there will be, among other things, a home screen with dynamic widgets that, according to its sources, we will be able to attach wherever we want. Something is needed since iOS only updated this functionality last year, but Gurman doesn’t end there but writes that the OS will also get a renewed multitasking system that makes it easy to work with several apps at the same time. Gurman also mentions that there will be a new way to handle notifications where you can choose the state of the moment you are in.

Those mentioned are driving, sleeping, working and loyal servant does not bother who will hopefully adapt to your specific needs until the specific numbers reach a specific state and perhaps adapt to notifications from apps. For those who were hoping for a new lock screen, Gurman has sad news as he said that Apple only worked on this but had to postpone it to a future update and that it won’t be released this year.

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