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New Battlefield 6 leak shows planes and sandstorms

New Battlefield 6 leak shows planes and sandstorms

Despite the lack of circles, one thing that has not been lacking in recent weeks is information about the upcoming Battlefield, otherwise known as Battlefield 6. The images are said to represent the game world and include screenshots from a the Apprentice Trailer for a movie It gives an overall picture of a somewhat future scenario. DICE promises explosions for big, wide runways, but it’s keeping a close eye on details at least in its official channels.

Now another set of photos has been found on ImgurThis time, it’s what it’s supposed to be Play. They follow a theme that appears to be similar to previous missions and show, among other things, a fighter plane flying through an incoming sandstorm, a tank, and the area of ​​a tall building.

Compared to previous Battlefield, the images seem to match stylistically the graphic interface displayed and the font used in the text. In the close-up of the towering area, you can see a sign on the edge where it says “pre-alpha shots”. Alpha is one of the first testing stages in software development. Even if the images are from Battlefield 6, this could mean that the scenes as they are presented are not part of the end game, or that they look different.

Whether the images are real or not, every hungry Battlefield will find out in a few days. dice has Via Twitter It announced that it will premiere Battlefield 6 on June 9, which is now Wednesday.

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