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Here's iOS 15 - All the Most Important New

Here’s iOS 15 – All the Most Important New

Facetime is the first app to be updated in iOS 15. The reason, of course, is that video calling is becoming more and more used during the pandemic. The audio in Facetime will be better in many ways. Apple is taking the spatial audio feature to Facetime. In addition, there will be a new display with boxes so that you can clearly see who is speaking. As for the audio itself, there are also partial functions to make your voice clearer and filter out annoying ambient noise, or vice versa for those times when you want to hear everything in the surroundings.

Facetime also gets a portrait mode which makes the background look blurry. At the same time, Apple offers the ability to schedule Facetime calls using a link that people can click on. This way, users using Android or a computer other than a Mac can join the conversation across the web.

Facetimetitta with others

Shareplay is a new feature in Facetime to watch some animated content with others. You’ll then see both the video and the person or people you’re watching with in smaller windows. It is also possible, via the Shareplay API, for app developers to use the functionality for their apps. Disney Plus and Tiktok are among the apps that should have already taken the leap in this area, so they should be ready when iOS 15 comes out.

What’s new in Images

Apple’s messaging service and app contain a variety of news. The things others share with you in the app has been given a new look and expanded integration into the system. Photos can be viewed in a collage and if you receive photos from a friend from an event you both visited, those photos can be viewed directly in the Photos app. Likewise, an article sent by someone can also be found in the News app.

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Focus and specific notifications

Thanks to the new Focus Mode, you can decide what you want to focus on and what information you don’t want to be disturbed. This can be, for example, working, sleeping, playing sports or having dinner with the family. Depending on what you choose, you can also decide which apps and people will be subject to this focus lock. In imessage, for example, you can have conversations with See right away before sending their message if you put your phone in any Do Not Disturb mode so their message doesn’t appear right away. Anyone with an emergency message can choose to bypass the ban.

Notifications are also grouped in a new way so that you can find the most important things first. First, people are prioritized, but you can also choose to have a summary of your notifications rather than have them bombarded one by one.

Pictures get text interpretation تفسير

The Photos app provides support for text interpretation. This means that you can, for example, select the text in a note from the whiteboard you took a picture of, from a tag, from a recipe or simply other text. This also makes it easier to search for text that appears in images because it is also available in the Spotlight search tool. This also works for screenshots you’ve taken or photos you’ve saved from the web. However, Swedish is not included in the supported languages.

ID cards and keys in Wallet

It only starts in the US, but now ID cards will come to iOS so they can be saved and encrypted there. This starts in some US states, but you can count on it sooner or later to be expanded to more places. Car keys were previously entered in Wallet, but with iOS 15, other types of keys will also be available in Wallet. It could be your home, apartment or office. For this to work, it is of course necessary that the lock be done by a company that is part of the collaboration and has support for iOS 15 and the wallet.

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Safari browser

Tabs appear in a new way in Safari with a small toolbar at the bottom, and it should make it easier to choose between tabs with a swipe. In Safari, extensions were available for Mac OS, but now there are also these extensions to Safari for Ipad and iPhone. This way, developers and website owners can get more use out of Safari.

More news

Other news includes a new design and expanded information in the Weather app, clearer elevation differences and expanded details (like visible taxi lanes, bike lanes, and the like) in Apple Maps, but it’s coming step-by-step and then only for a few cities. If you’re traveling by municipality, the maps should show your location and direct you when you should get off, and there should also be AR instructions for finding places.