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Intel "Sapphire Rapids" packages - launch may be delayed again

Intel “Sapphire Rapids” packages – launch may be delayed again

For several years, Intel has been stuck with 14nm manufacturing technology and the “Skylake” architecture, but after serious revisions, the company can once again release truly new processors. For arch rival AMD, the Intel issue came at the right time, and the Ryzen family has reaped success since its launch. Now history seems to be repeating itself on the server side, as Intel According to Igor Walusik Facing problem after problem and forcing it further with the already advanced “Sapphire Rapids”.

With ‘Sapphire Rapids’ many improvements to the ‘Ice Lake-SP’ currently available, perhaps the biggest news is the move to chip-the design. This means that many smaller circuits are connected to each other, which provides better conditions for working circuits and more flexibility. According to rumors, each has chip 15 cores as per the “Golden Cove” architecture and the top configuration gets 60 cores – a big step up from the current 40 cores per socket.

Igor Walusik wrote that “Sapphire Rapids” was initially planned to be launched 1.5 years ago, but the constantly growing list of problems pushed this into the future. It is not unusual for companies to review and change the way circuits are produced and called new steps. But the unusual thing is that Sapphire Rapids is now entering step Twelve, further confirming that development work is not a bed of roses.

Moreover, Walusick explains that players who were hoping to get the “Sapphire Rapids” tackles for the second half of 2022 may be disappointed. A few select customers may receive their first batch of products in the fall, but internal documentation now talks about a large-scale launch sometime in February 2023. Intel’s latest server processors meet AMD’s new Genoa, which is a newer generation than Intel first planned. With Genoa, up to 96 processor cores, more PCI Express 5.0 lanes and manufacturing are provided on a 5nm TSMC node.

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