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Four ways to improve battery life and performance on your Oneplus mobile phone

Four ways to improve battery life and performance on your Oneplus mobile phone

Battery adaptation

Thanks to fast charging, Oneplus likes to claim that you no longer need to charge your phone overnight. It is the most harmful thing in the long run for the battery, to remain fully charged for a long time. Oneplus has made a series of tools to prevent unnecessary wear of the battery and it’s very much about balancing performance against battery life. We’ll review the most important tools here. You will find all the options under Settings, Battery.

Optimum night charging: If you choose to charge your phone overnight, it is possible to activate this. This means that the phone learns your habits and immediately avoids charging completely. Instead, it charges the last percentage before you usually wake up. Oneplus doesn’t say exactly how it calculates this, but there’s a risk that it sometimes fails and then you have to live with the fact that the battery is probably 80 percent instead of 100 when you jump out of bed a little early in the morning. But it is good for battery life.

high performance: There is a way under “Advanced Settings” in the battery menu to enable stable high performance mode. This means that the battery consumption is increasing, but the phone is always running at the highest capacity.

Manage energy theft applications: Most mobile phones, including Oneplus phones, have some kind of protection that limits functionality in one way or another so that apps don’t drain a lot of battery power in the background, and if that happens, they should be turned off. In Oxygen OS, you can manage and control this to some extent on your own. Under the “Advanced Settings” menu option you will find “Optimize battery usage” and there you can select the app by app whether the system should optimize battery usage, ask you or leave it alone and let the app do what it wants.

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Suggested improvements: Right when you tap on the battery menu, Recommended Improvements can check you out. These of course vary depending on your settings and how you use the phone. In my case, here I see five different recommendations which are to close apps that are running and consume a lot of battery to reduce screen brightness, turn off GPS, reduce screen refresh rate, and reduce screen time off automatically. Then there are other options like turning off 5G and standby screen. So what you see depends on your settings, but this list is a good start if you want to extend your battery life.

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