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How polluted is artificial snow?

How polluted is artificial snow?

All ski resorts dream of snow-white slopes when the ski season begins. So if not enough snow falls from the sky, you should pick up snow cannons and shoot artificial snow on the sides of the mountains.

Snow cannons produce snow by mixing cold water and compressed air from a compressor. When water comes out of the mouth of the snow cannon as fine droplets, it freezes into ice crystals upon meeting cold air.

Microbes collect snowflakes

To make the process more efficient, you can help with the formation of ice crystals along the way by adding a microbial base Snomax product. Microbes act as a core around which ice crystals gather more easily.

According to the manufacturer, Snomax is not environmentally hazardous. But snow cannons consume large amounts of energy and if they are produced with the help of, for example, a diesel generator, then the production of snow emits carbon dioxide and particles into the air.

Another environmental impact is the high consumption of water which can put local water reservoirs under severe stress.

also appears studies Artificial snow is heavier than natural snow and therefore takes longer to melt. This snow season extends to several weeks, which affects the growth period of plants in the area.

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