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Queen Elizabeth meets Prince Harry and Meghan's daughter Lilliput a year later.

Queen Elizabeth will meet Prince Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lillibet – in a year

This year, Queen Elizabeth celebrates 70 years of her accession to the throne. It is the longest reign of the king and must be celebrated for four days.

The Queen’s birthday celebrations begin on Thursday with the military ceremonies of the “Color Forces”.

During the 70th anniversary, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also share certain points. Among other things, they will participate in a Thanksgiving party at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday with all members of the royal family.

This is the first time the couple has returned to the UK with both children since the birth of daughter Lillipet almost a year ago.

They met at a Lillipet party for a year

Thus, one of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday gifts will be to meet her granddaughter Lillipet for the first time. Lilibet is named after Elizabeth, whose family names it precisely Lilibet.

Harry and Meghan will be staying at Frogmore Cottage, next to the Queen’s home at Windsor Castle, during their visit to the UK. It is also where the year-long Lilibet party will be held on Saturday. The Queen’s favorite sporting event, the Epsom Derby, is also taking place on the same day – which the Queen skipped this year in favor of the Lilibet Gala, he wrote. daily Mail.

The Queen has only missed the derby twice before, once when on a state visit to Sweden in 1956 and again when she was on the 40th anniversary of D-Day in France in 1984.

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