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Watch clips from the next big movie Off the Track

Watch clips from the next big movie Off the Track

What do you think of one of the great Swedish films of this spring?

On January 28, SF Studios will release its new movie “Out of Track”, a romantic comedy with Fredrik Hallgren and Swedish Hollywood star Katja Winter. Watch clips from the movie here!

off course Described as a hot comedy about a fraternal couple who face very different challenges in life, but they have one thing in common, they have to face the Vasaloppet. Brother Daniel is the CEO and trains as an elite athlete while Sister Lisa is at the bottom. Unemployed and divorced, she has a daughter who prefers to live with her father. One day Lisa happens to tell her daughter that she is going to a Vasaloppet and the mismatched siblings must weave the promise together.

Filmtopp can share with us two clips from off course Where we get to know siblings better. In the first clip, a runaway Lisa tears up on a skating track and does what you absolutely shouldn’t – bump into a toddler. Completing the Vasaloppet seems to be a long way from:

In the second clip, Lisa manages to discard the car key at the gas station, and they may have been among the trash she just dumped. Hence the humiliating honor of digging into the bowl:

Martin Kleinberg Directed by and the film is based on an original script written by Maria Carlson. The main roles are played by the family-loving star Frederick Hallgren Known among the films Sune and Liv and Bailey and Swedish Hollywood Katia winter. In other roles we see her, among others Raquel warm countriesAnd Torkel Peterson and dala file Cali Moreaus.

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Book “Off the Track” movie tickets here.

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