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I stood on Miss Thunder - Avenged the Witch's Poop

I stood on Miss Thunder – Avenged the Witch’s Poop

With his away win at Örebro, Varberg took his fourth straight win and has now played eight straight games unbeaten at the Allsvenskan. Today’s three indicators were a swing event.

After 25 minutes of playing, everything for the Örebro team completely collapsed. Nasiru Moro got into an argument with guest house Robin Tranberg, then the Orebro player actually ran off and picked the header of his opponent. It puts whites and blacks in a precarious position to say the least.

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Here Nasiru Moro suffers a concussion and heads Robin Tranberg Photo: Discovery

But this was followed by another collapse of thought.

A few minutes before the end of the first half, the away team had a golden opportunity to break the deadlock. Varberg rotated the Urebro and Simone Carlson-Adge played up to a perfectly open goal and could only score 1-0 – but the striker hit a lot, slammed into the snow and delivered one of the worst defeats of the season.

– Looking at my performance in the first, I will not watch the second half. But I got the confidence, Simon Karlsson Adjei tells Discovery+.

then painted it

However, the same Carlson Adje will take revenge. Eight minutes into the second half, he pulled out with the witch’s pipe that looked behind Bobby Allen.

In the 73rd minute, Varberg extended 2-0 after Oliver Stanisic reached the top of a corner and stabbed the ball into the goal. In injury time, Alexandre Johansson also managed to score 3-0 after Oliver Alfonsi’s solo raid and high shot. Johansson chose to celebrate in front of the Örebro supporters, which led to a real outcry.

Örebro has not lost since August 2 and is still in the relegation zone. They will face Norrköping in the next round. Farberg visits Hamrabi.

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