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Grandmother of tennis success: I thought she should quit

Grandmother of tennis success: I thought she should quit

Emma Radocano shocked the tennis world at the US Open when she became the first qualifier to go so far and claim a Grand Slam title.

But a few months ago, there was another sound in the bark – at least from her 88-year-old grandmother Nicolina Raducano from Romania.

Emma Radocano surprisingly reached the fourth round of Wimbledon, when she had to cancel the match due to breathing difficulties.

– She asked her parents if she shouldn’t give up. What if something happened to Emma? Health is more important than wealth and fame, Nicolina Raducano tells the Daily Mail.

Grandma did not see the final

Fortunately, neither the parents nor Emma Raducano acted in the council. Instead, the giant talent defended a historic feat when she defeated Leila Fernandez in the US Open final in New York less than a week ago.

Nicolina Raducano could not follow suit.

I couldn’t look because my heart wouldn’t be able to. “This match is going to be tough,” I told myself, so I decided not to check, she says.

Find out the next day.

She did not learn of her granddaughter’s victory until the next day.

“I found out in the news the next day, and I was glad she was strong and in good health, and that her mind was strong too – especially after what happened at Wimbledon last time,” she said.

Emma Raducano was born in Canada to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother. The family moved to the United Kingdom when she was two years old.

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CLIP: Emma Raducano after winning the US Open (September 12, 2021)

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Emma Radocano has put New York under her feet. Leila Fernandez in the background has to wait for her first Grand Slam title. Photo: TT