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“I hope they will forgive me”

Former UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov He has now apologized for his comments on the current situation in Afghanistan.

A week ago, it turned out that Khabib had signed an advertising agreement with Gorilla Energi energy drink worth at least SEK 60 million. During the press conference on sponsorship, Khabib was asked about the tragic situation in Afghanistan, when the extremist Taliban group took over the country, sending countless Afghans fleeing. Those who did not risk their lives in their escape attempts were left in power by tyrannical extremists.

However, Khabib was upset by the question, saying that he had no ties to Afghanistan and instead wanted to focus on the declaration agreement.

– Today we have such a deal [med Gorilla Energy] And I don’t want to talk about a political situation that happens thousands of kilometers away.

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“It looked different in my head.”

The reactions of some fans, not least Khabib Afghan fans, have been harsh. Some fans felt that he had overlooked a very serious situation now because he had no problem commenting on other political situations before.

The former UFC champion admitted that his Afghan fans took it badly and felt forgotten – which he now wants to apologize for.

“I have many friends and confidants from Afghanistan, and I think I have been misunderstood,” Khabib said. RT Sports. I said I don’t want to comment on the political situation. I hope they will forgive me if I hurt them. I am not ashamed to apologize because anyone can make mistakes. It sounded different in my head, I didn’t want to comment on politics.

Afghanistan is a country that suffered from occupation among others, Great Britain, the Taliban, the Soviet Union, and the United States. In addition, there are religious and ethnic conflicts within the country where minority groups are seriously affected. Perhaps this is why many Afghan fans feel forgotten and ignored by Habib.

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However, the MMA legend also addressed the country’s problematic and violent history, acknowledging recurring problems and sending congratulations to the people.

– Their people have suffered a lot in their lives. You know this if you have studied their history over the past 120 years. I suffer with these people. I am concerned and wish them all the best.

What do you think of Khabib’s talk about the situation in Afghanistan?

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