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"I feel ashamed - the worst year of my life"

“I feel ashamed – the worst year of my life”

American athletics coach Rana Ryder had some of the world’s best sprinters in her stable. There are occasional Americans Marvin Brassey and Trayvon Brommel who took silver and bronze in the 100m last Saturday.

However, he did not see his followers win two medals at the World Cup in Eugene. Ryder has been accused of sexual harassment since last fall and had his accreditation revoked ahead of the World Cup. Despite this, the American tried to enter the track to watch the 100m final, but was then kidnapped by the police.

In addition to the American star duo, Rana Rider trained British sprinter Adam Jamili, who ran the 200m at night until Tuesday Sweden time.

The 28-year-old Gemelli was promptly fired and later launched an attack on the British press, accusing her of bullying over her reporting of the accusations against the coach.

Went to attack reporters: ‘It’s awful’

For those who stood in the mixed zone, it was impossible to avoid Adam Jamili who raised his voice and started a long brawl against the broadcast reporters.

– I’m ashamed. It’s a bad situation to be labeled “Adam Gemini trainer”. Jumaili says it is horrific.

– My sister’s family can answer questions. terrible. Try to understand my situation. I understand you have a job to do, but please.

Adam Gemini won gold at the World Cup and gold at the European Championships in the short relay with Great Britain, but in recent months he has mostly been associated with his designated coach.

– I trained with three of the guys in the Olympic final in the 100 meters. But none of their names were mentioned, just me. None of their journalists write about it, as the British say and continue:

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– When there is an end to this, I will go out and answer any questions you want. Before that, please, I try to focus on sports.

He specifically accused a British reporter of “bullying” him.

– This was the worst year of my life mentally. I’m at my best physically, I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. Adam Jamili says the mental aspect was awful.

The 28-year-old says he is upset that Rada Ryder was banned from entering the World Cup zone.

– I can’t presume he’s guilty. If he’s guilty, I’m the first to pull it off. Jamili says, but I can’t assume he’s guilty.

I apologize after the play

Later in the evening, Adam Al-Jumaili took to Twitter to apologize for his performance on the track and his behavior towards journalists.

“No excuses except that I wasn’t good enough. Religion is mine. I wasn’t going to say anything about the press when I was interviewed. I understand they have work to do, but there was a lot to deal with and I hope you understand”, The British write.

The question is whether Gemini will work more in Eugene. He hopes to secure a place on the UK team in the short relay, but is unsure.

– I run any distance, that’s why I’m here. If I am not selected, I will be there to support the team.

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