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EC 2021 • Scottish Mocking England - Post: “Embarrassing”

EC 2021 • Scottish Mocking England – Post: “Embarrassing”

Save us Roberto, you are our last hope‘,” writes The National the day before the European Championship final.

Italy national team captain Roberto Mancini graces a post on Saturday and has turned into Scottish national hero William Wallace, whose life is portrayed in the movie Braveheart.

The title calls for Mancini to beat England at Wembley on Sunday so they don’t hear the English ‘grumbling about a 55-year championship title’.

independent Describes how the Scottish approach shared social media in the UK.

Raging on social media

Many see the humor in the post, while others accuse The National of being bitter and crossing the line.

This is embarrassing and pathetic.British journalist Ian Dent wrote on Twitter.

Are they children?‘,” columnist Dan Hodges asks himself when he sees the post.

Scottish comedian Darren Connell doesn’t understand why people are upset.

Look at some of the answers to this, how can people get mad at joking? You really can’t say anything today without being completely overwhelmed.He writes on Twitter.

And the main character himself, captain of the Italian national team Roberto Mancini, sees humor in the post.

– The newspaper made me laugh, he says.

However, he doesn’t think Italy need Braveheart football to beat England.

“I think we just need to play our own game and be confident knowing we can perform when needed and play great football,” he says.

The European Championship final between Italy and England will be decided at 21.00 on Sunday.

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