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The COVID-19 epidemic has had a lasting impact on how customers interact with their banks. Customers still need help, but often they are limited in their use of digital channels. How to help customers digitally?

Consumers have already increased their expectation of communicating via digital channels. Growing consumers now prefer chat, texting or messaging apps instead of starting their first contact on the phone. Email is also a popular way for consumers to communicate with their bank.

If you work for a financial institution that has difficulty pursuing this transition, you are not alone. Here are two key factors that can help you succeed in successful digital customer engagement.

Use customer information as a basis for selecting new channels

Screwing on new channels is not the right method. When designing from your internal goals, the use of new digital channels often fails when the needs of your customers are not taken into account. Genesis experience working with many financial institutions shows that many results can be achieved quickly and efficiently when using customer-centric design technology.

Using the cloud solution for your customer service makes it easy to add new channels that customers demand, implementing a strategy that always starts with the needs of your customers. Genesis Molnlasning All-in-one operating system, where the choices are numerous and easy to choose.

2. Think big, but start small

Define which channels are most important to your customers. Start there and experience after experience until these choices become part of your brand. As you master the basics, you are ready to explore more advanced applications.

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For example, start by building trust by running simple chat contacts for agents. When that contact is normal for the customer, consider adding a co-browser so that your customers can click the “Share Now” button to share the screen with the agent. After that, even AI cures can help you handle simple things and give the customer quick answers.

When you are ready to take your customer service to the next level, engage in forecasting with AI to understand and prevent a customer from dropping out of your site. Then your agents can go quickly and create a happy, loyal customer. Only at this point can you truly empathize with all your digital channels and create exceptional customer experiences.

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