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Finland's public development cooperation rose to 0.47 percent of GDP in 2020

Defense Minister Gaikonan attends a meeting of defense ministers of EI2 countries

Defense Minister Andy Gaikonen attends the EI2 Defense Ministers’ Meeting on 24 September 2021. The meeting will take place in Sweden.

The Ministers would like to address current international security and security issues and the achievements and future developments within the European Intervention Initiative EI2.

In addition to Finland, the EI2 participating countries are France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Estonia. Finland joined the EI2 initiative in 2018. The purpose of the EI2 initiative is to foster relations between European administrative culture and security administrations, to support the creation of a common environment, to create conditions for foresight and communication, and to develop Europe’s readiness to respond to crises and security challenges at the strategic level.

On September 25, 2021, Defense Minister Gaikonen will learn about the training of the Joint Defender 21 at Alvdalan in Sweden. Joint Defender 21 is part of Finland’s multilateral military defense cooperation within the United Kingdom-led JEFF (Joint Travel Force). The purpose of the JEFF cooperation is to develop the military productivity of the participating countries, to prevent various crises and to act together in crisis situations if necessary.

At the Ministry of Defense, more information about the meeting Samuli Buhaka, expert, phone. 358 295 140 123.

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