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Medicines with cheaper effectiveness lead to fewer suicides

Medicines with cheaper effectiveness lead to fewer suicides

In July 2013, the patent for Viagra and sildenafil expired. When more players gain access to the market, the price of the drug drops. The cost for 12 tablets has decreased from 1,200 SEK to around SEK 300.

This means strong An increase in users among Swedish men. Between 2007 and 2012, an average of 62,000 Swedes used effective agents. From 2014, when the marketplace became free, to 2017, the number of users increased to an average of 101,000.

A group of researchers, including from Uppsala University and the University of California, who studied effective drugs linked to suicide rates in Sweden, discovered that the number of suicides decreased among Swedish men aged 50-59 as effective drugs became cheaper.

Based on the number of suicides in 2007-2012, they calculated the number expected during the years 2014-2017 if the price had not been lowered. studies The results showed 65 fewer suicides during years when effective drugs cost a quarter of what they used to be.

Terry Hartig, professor of environmental psychology at Uppsala University and co-author of the study, explains that the results show just how important sexual intimacy is to mental health.

This gives another sign of how important the potential for physical intimacy and close relationships are through life, so that some people can be strongly associated with the joy of life and the ability to face life’s challenges, Terry Hartig in a press release.

The reason for the existence of researchers Only seen that age group are several. This is partly due to the greater use of effective drugs in that group, and partly because suicide rates are higher than for any other age group.

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The chance that chance will give this result is 1 in 10,000 trials. He says it’s completely unlikely and it’s hard to explain the difference in any way other than switching to generic drugs