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How much money does Alice Stenloff make?  We have the answer!

How much money does Alice Stenloff make? We have the answer!

In a few years Alice Stenloff, 25 years old, has gained a large number of followers on both Instagram and Youtube.

She has had time to start her own clothing brand, and has danced prime time at Let’s Dance. But there has also been a real storm around the flu over the past year, including in terms of their collaboration News 24 previously mentioned in .

Alice Stenloff at TV4’s Let’s Dance. Photo: Pontus Lundal/TT

Alice has also received heavy criticism for her celebration of the international artist Chris Brown. Read more about it here.

Despite the storms of criticism, the 25-year-old is doing well financially, to say the least.

How much money does Alice Stenloff make?

It turned out that 2020 was a real golden year for Alice Stenloff, who in the previous year withdrew SEK 580,300.

Alice Stenloff previously podcast with Bianca Ingrosso. Photo: Magnus Liljegren / Stella Pictures

According to information from the Swedish Tax Agency, which Nyheter24 read, she more than doubled her income in 2020 when she earned a staggering 1,342,500 SEK.

In other words, Alice manages to pick up just over 112,000 SEK each month.

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1 million profit in Alice Stenlöf AB

Alice Stenloff operates a total of three companies. The largest company isAlice Stenloff ABWho deals with public relations, advertising sales and advertising – with great success.

The latest annual report registered with the Swedish Companies Registry Office shows that the company generated sales of SEK 6,796,000 and a profit of SEK 3,837,000 in 2020.

assets? It was estimated to be an incredible 9,306,000 SEK.

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Alice Stenloff. Photo: Stella Pictures

In the same year, Alice registered the company “Stenlöf Holding AB”, but so far there is no information on both sales and profits.