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Test: Apple Ipad 10.2 (2021) - Favorite I'm Punished

Test: Apple Ipad 10.2 (2021) – Favorite I’m Punished

Most people know this by now that this, the cheapest iPad model, is also the best buy for most people. This applies to the predecessors of this model and applies to this iPad (2021), or if you like the ninth generation of the iPad, which of course also reveals that Apple has made some attempts to improve the concept.

So the iPad supports keyboard cases via a special connection on the side called the Smart Connector, and here there is support for the Apple Pencil, albeit only from the first generation of the stylus. Admittedly, the Apple Pencil, just like any keyboard case, is something you need to purchase and is not included in your purchase.

So this iPad can do a lot of what more expensive models can do. You can use iPad OS 15 and its features to split the screen between several different apps, for example, drag a photo from Gallery into an email to attach the photo. The video calling camera is equipped with a center function, which means that you and likely more people who use the tablet for video meetings will eventually be in the picture, with the help of facial recognition, a wide-angle lens and smart zoom. And it works even if you move a little further into the room, away from the plate.

The iPad is powered by Apple’s A13 Bonic chip which isn’t the latest, but it’s still enough to make the tablet speed a pleasure, even when I’m using several apps at the same time. So it’s enough to have a good experience even if it’s not over-performing like on the Ipad Pro where you can go back to the apps you used a long time ago without having to reload them in memory.

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Thus, the system chip is two years old, and other details in the iPad also have a few years on their necks. The rear camera does wonders but above all it has a limited dynamic range. The screen has thick bezels all around and we find a fingerprint sensor in the home button at the bottom of the screen, just like on older iPhone models. There is no face recognition using Face ID. On the other hand, there is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, something that was abolished on the iPhone long ago, but who wants to use regular old headphones here might satisfy you without any adapter. The Ipad in its ninth generation gives you a lot for your money and there are few reasons to choose a more expensive model.