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AMD Ryzen performance restored in Windows 11

AMD Ryzen performance restored in Windows 11

On October 5, Microsoft released its latest operating system Windows 11, which in addition to new aesthetics and strict security requirements also includes a number of hardware improvements, among other things, for memory and core processors. Soon after launch, something appeared to be going wrong, especially for AMD’s Ryzen processors, which turned out to have lost up to 15 percent performance.

► AMD: “Ryzen is up to 15 percent slower in Windows 11”

This is mainly observed in games and to some extent normal applications have also noticed some loss, especially those that require extensive memory. The error was confirmed by AMD and found to be caused by two things. This is partly because a bug caused the L3 cache latency to triple, and partly because the Collaborative Power Performance Control 2 (CPPC2) function was not working properly. Solutions to the issues were pledged in October, and they are now rolling out to users.

Known performance changes



The measured and functional L3 cache latency may increase by approximately 3 times.

  • Applications that are sensitive to access time to the memory subsystem may be affected.

  • A 3-5% expected performance impact is in affected applications, and 10-15% of outliers are possible in games commonly used in esports.

A Windows update is under development to address this issue with expected availability in October 2021.

UEFI CPPC2 (“preferred core”) may not be scheduled preferentially for threads on the fastest processor core.

  • Applications that are performance sensitive to one or a few CPU threads may show low performance.

  • The performance effect may be more detectable in 8-core processors above 65W TDP.

A software update is in development to address this issue with an expected availability in October 2021.

The bug causing increased L3 cache latency is being resolved through Windows Update, as update “KB5006746” was released shortly before the regular update that usually arrives on Tuesdays. You can also download it yourself Microsoft website.

The CCP2 fix arrives directly from AMD in the form of new drivers and must be downloaded and installed on their own. The update is available at AMD websiteAMD also promises that the two updates Completely solves all problems. The same company has verified that all affected models, which include Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 4000, and Ryzen 5000, are working correctly when applying the solutions.

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