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Hopefully the cultural center will still be there – but first a party in the street

Hopefully the cultural center will still be there – but first a party in the street

The heart of Björkhagen has long been beating with a cultural center in the old boiler house. Josephine Arival and Mikael Persson hope the association can enter the house sometime in 2024. But first they aim to throw a street party and welcome ideas. “You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in doing something,” says Josephine Arival.

Angie Gray

Ideas for an old boiler plant can be submitted this fall. The heart of the Björkhagen Association that hopes to be a cultural center continues until further notice with cultural events in other ways. Next up is the street party on September 2nd.

From the 15th to the 18th on September 2nd, the Halmstadsvägen region outside the boiler center will be closed. At Hjartat’s street party, food trucks arrive and the stage is set where several shows will perform, including the Masangue Maracatu that will represent “inhumanly swinging Brazilian rhythms”.

About an hour is reserved for the “open stage” where anyone who wants to perform can come forward. There will also be activities for children.

Many cultural events

The heart of the organizer Björkhagen is not only behind the street party, but also many other cultural events in the local area. An open-air cinema has recently been organized in Nytorp’s gärde and in Reflexen in Kärrtorp and the “Hjärtats Diktafon” poetry evenings continue.

– If there was a cultural center in the Boiler Center, many of our operations would move there, says Josephine Arival of the association’s programs group.

Angie Gray

Options for the home

Owner Svenska Bostader believes replacements for the boiler center will be ready this fall. The revamped cultural center is one of the tracks of a home that was previously thought to be demolished.

“We are looking at other paths as well, which means a long-term sustainable solution where we mix housing and possible areas for cultural activities. This combination allows us to find a more reasonable rental level for the premises,” Ola Weckman, Head of Commercial Leasing and Housing, wrote to East.

Soundlab Björkhagen

However, the company cannot provide any schedule. Until the cultural center is finally available, Bjorkhagen core says they are “digging where they stand”. During the fall, the Soundlab Björkhagen project starts, which gives a number of young solo artists/bands between the ages of 10 and 23 free time in the studio in Björkhagen, and training of studio technicians. The opportunity to play in front of the audience will come.

– Also new is that we will continue the “open theatre” on two occasions in Markuskirkan this autumn, says Mikael Persson in the program group.

Two concerts on the same day

The “Hjärtats Gatufest” that takes place from the 15th to the 18th in Halmstadsvägen isn’t the only festive thing in Björkhagen on Saturday, September 2nd.

In nearby Höganäsvägen, a “Björkhagen Festival Day” is arranged from 1 to 6 pm.

The local tenants’ association organizes auctions, catering, competitions, and a theater where mime artist Magnus Lundblad performs, among others. The local community in Hammarby-Skarpnäck also visits and arranges an art tour.

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Source: Heart of Bjorkhagen and Tenants Association

This combination allows us to find a more reasonable rental level.