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London’s Omikron Alert: An ’emergency’

Last week, the UK saw new spikes in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. On Saturday, 90,418 new cases were confirmed — of which 10,059 were linked to the omicron variant.

The spread of the disease increased the pressure on British hospitals. In London alone, 1,534 patients are now cared for for covid-19 – a 29 percent increase over last week.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Saturday he was “deeply concerned” about the number of Omicron cases. He has now declared a state of emergency in the metropolis.

“Our biggest problem is the number of Londoners infected with this virus, and this leads to major problems in terms of employee absenteeism and the ability of our public sector to operate at optimal levels,” he said at a press conference.

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Hours of queues in Arlanda – travelers missed flights

Queues were long in Arlanda on Saturday morning — the first big day of Christmas travel, according to SAS.

The reason was, among other things, the verification of new documents, such as vaccine passports. But the passage of time caused many travelers to lose their flights, which caused me to SVT Be the first to report.

Niklas Landsberg was among those who missed his flight, traveling with Lufthansa. He and his girlfriend received an email before departure saying they would be at the location 2.5 hours earlier, which they were.

– We did it and checked it online. But the queue was huge, from hall to hall. They opened 6-7 check-in counters, he says.

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SAS now recommends that passengers arrive very well on their flights – up to three hours before departure.

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The success of the Swedish national team in the World Cup became the first and second

Maja Dalqvist and Jonah Sondling were responsible for a successful sprint and finished first and second during the World Cup in Dresden.

For Dalkvist, that meant a fifth straight race win, with the last four wins of the season having been made. With today’s success, I was also able to touch Stena Nelson’s record number of consecutive sprint wins.

– Still strong. Of course it’s fun. She says it is exciting that things are going well now.

When asked why things are going so well, she answers:

– I simply think that I drive better technically. I don’t give up any pole tension but it’s much more stable to ride.

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He was going to Frankfurt to meet the family – but he never made it to the flight.