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Questions and answers about the ban on entry to Sweden

This means a temporary halt to non-essential travel to Sweden from countries other than the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The entry ban applies as a starting point for all foreign nationals attempting to enter Sweden from these countries. Swedish citizens are not covered by the entry ban.

There are exceptions to the entry ban for several categories of travelers. This applies, for example, to foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Sweden, who have particularly urgent needs or who will perform necessary jobs, who reside in certain countries or who can present vaccination certificates issued in certain designated countries.

Find out more about the exemptions to entry bans available under ‘Entry exemptions from countries outside the EU/EEA, or so-called third countries’.

In order for a foreign national traveling to Sweden to be covered by any of the exceptions to the entry ban, they must beuEven if, upon arrival in Sweden, he can show a negative covid-19 test for persistent infection taken within 72 hours prior to arrival. Certain exceptions to testing requirements are also made, for example for children, for people who can provide a covid/covid certificate or vaccination certificate issued in some designated countries, for transport staff and for urgent family reasons.

Find out more about exceptions to the test requirements available under “Exceptions to Entry from Countries outside the European Union/European Economic Area, or so-called third countries”.

Please note that people traveling to Sweden from abroad should follow the updated Public Health Agency recommendations after arrival.
Recommendations for those traveling to Sweden from abroad, on the Swedish Public Health Agency’s website

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