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WWDC21: Apple launched macOS Monterey

WWDC21: Apple launched macOS Monterey

Not many people know about all the new features that you get when you update your mobile phone or laptop. It’s mostly about bug fixes and slightly improved functionality.

But that’s not the case when Apple updates — nor when your Mac gets a new operating system. Then the update frequency is high and the list of small and big changes is long.

(Photo: Apple)

We won’t list everything here, but some Monterey news – as the next version of macOS is called – that deserves a mention are Universal Control, Continuity, and AirPlay.

With Universal Control, you can use the same mouse and the same keyboard for both Mac and iPad. And as the article image shows, with Continuity you can work with iPad and Mac side by side and use both screens, seamlessly dragging content from one to the other.

(Photo: Apple)

When Monterey comes out in July, you can also use AirPlay on your Mac and send photos and videos directly to your Mac from your iPhone or iPad.

For those who work on a lot of tasks, shortcuts can be good news. Then you can automate tasks between applications.

The Safari browser is refreshed with new tabs, which can also be grouped and show more of the page you’ve added.

(Photo: Apple)

There are more new features, but we should at least mention that FaceTime – Apple’s video conferencing app – is getting revamped. The sound quality should be higher in both directions and thanks to the conditioning of the room, it should sound as if the sound is coming from the person’s location on the screen, at the same time the sound insulation reduces background noise and ensures that the sound from the microphone is heard more clearly.

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Another new feature called SharePlay lets you share music, TV shows, and projects with friends on FaceTime, and you can share and watch movies and series together. Or work with screen sharing in apps.