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Here are the countries where most people have been vaccinated

Here are the countries where most people have been vaccinated

Gibraltar, at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, shows that 99.7 percent of the country’s 34,000 people are fully vaccinated John HopkinsUniversities Statistics.

With that, people were able to return to a fairly normal life. Already in March, the night curfew order was lifted and you no longer have to wear a mouth guard. In recent weeks, only a handful of cases have been detected in the country, with 94 deaths from the corona virus since last spring.

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In second place is the Seychelles, an island nation with a population of less than 100,000 in the Indian Ocean. There, about 60 percent of the population is vaccinated.

The top ten are the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Monaco, all with a population of less than 65,000.

But even the big countries are on the top list. Israel, where the vaccination campaign is considered particularly successful, ranks third and the first country with a population of millions. The country is home to about nine million people, 55 percent of whom are fully vaccinated.

Sweden lags far behind

In the United States in particular – with 325 million people – almost 30 percent of the population is fully vaccinated

The list also includes the United Arab Emirates and Chile, both with a population of just over 15 million.

However, in absolute numbers it looks different. The United States now leads the way in having 97 million people fully vaccinated. India, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Turkey follow.

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Sweden is at the very bottom of the list. Here, Johns Hopkins figures show that 755,000 people have been fully vaccinated. This corresponds to 7.34 percent of the population.

Individuals have obtained the number of vaccine doses required for a particular vaccine by fully vaccinating. In most cases, this refers to two levels. However, only one dose is required for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

Countries with the highest proportion of the population are fully vaccinated

1. Gibraltar – 99.7 percent

2. Seychelles – 60.6 percent

3. Israel – 55.8 percent

4. Cayman Islands – 46.1 percent

5. United Arab Emirates – 39.3 percent

6. Bermuda – 37.2 percent

7. Chile – 35.5 percent

8. Bahrain – 33.3 percent

9. Monaco – 29.9 percent

10. USA – 29.6 percent

Source: Johns Hopkins University

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