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The reconstruction of Boris Johnson’s apartment raises questions

The reconstruction of Boris Johnson’s apartment raises questions

As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s monthly salary is 13,114 British pounds, equivalent to just 150,000 Swedish kronor. It’s hard to go around with that salary. But Boris Johnson is not like everyone else. This became clear last week.

After the Conservative Tories won the parliamentary elections in December 2019 and Britain left the EU a month later, Boris Johnson and his ally Gary Symonds realized they would be allowed to stay at the PM’s residence for at least another five years.

They decided to renovate the interior of 11 Downing Street and arrange new furniture, whose living space is larger than the site next to the historic number ten, so it has been used as the Prime Minister’s house since Tony Blair’s days.

According to the press Dodlers Sources say Gary Symonds was not happy with the outfit left by Theresa May and her husband. Now the Prime Minister and his wife have hired an exclusive interior designer.

Yes, it is expensive.

The lowest cost, according to such emails, is 000 88,000 Daily Mail Gained access. According to the newspaper The Times There may be another, separate invoice over ,000 100,000.

Boris Johnson lives at 11 Downing Street.

Photo: Frank Austin / A.P.

The British Prime Minister receives an annual maintenance allowance of 30,000 British pounds (equivalent to 350,000 kroner) to keep the house in good condition. But so far the renovation costs have been higher than this – at least ,000 58,000 (675,000 kroner) and significantly higher than that.

What did Boris Johnson do? According to the British press, he returned to his conservative Doris party. There are doubts as to whether Lord David Brownlow, a major donor, was on the invoice for any reason.

Says Boris Johnson He covered the cost entirely on his own. Sources in his staff told the British press that he had settled all possible debts to the party by taking out a regular bank loan.

In other words, the so-called “cash for curtains” scandal in the UK is becoming a hot potato for Boris Johnson

But – this is where the sensibility comes in – even if he has only a temporary loan or a small grant from a private individual, it should be declared public. It is therefore suspected that the Election Commission of England is violating the existing rules.

Opposition within Labor and the Scottish SNP is using this to attack Johnson ahead of Thursday’s local and regional elections. This weekend, Douglas Rose, the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, was also forced to say he was prime minister. “Obviously resign” If he violated the rules.

In other words, the so-called “cash for curtains” scandal in the UK is turning into a hot potato for Boris Johnson.

Is it due to greed or simple carelessness?

Boris Johnson was forced Go on salary when he is prime minister There is no secret. After Brexit, Johnson was one of Britain’s highest paid writers and speakers, and for many years he became accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. He reportedly told friends he had to earn வேண்டும் 300,000 a year (3.5 million kroner) to cover his expenses. The Times.

The British Conservative press points out that German and American leaders earn twice as much as Boris Johnson. If the Prime Minister is lucky, this corruption will lead to a pay rise. It remains to be seen how voters will view this matter.

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