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David Sundin, Anders Johansson, Henrik Dorsin och Hedda Stiernstedt i Jönssonligan.

Henrik Dorsin is Sickan in ‘Watch out for the Jönsson League’ – Kulturnytt in P1

title: Watch out for the Jönsson League
Director: Thomas Alfredson
the hands. Henrik Dorsen, Richard Olfschmar, Thomas Alfredson
the actor: Henrik Dorsen, Hedda Sternstedt, Anders Johansson
Type: Comedy, family movie
rank: 3

The Jönsson League, with Gösta Ekman as Sickan Ulf Brunnberg as Vanheden and Björn Gustafsson as Dynamit-Harry, drew people to movie theaters in the 1980s. After that came three films without Sekan. Then a 15-year break until 2015, when they tried out the more exciting Jönsson-like league. Then they planned to make three films, but they stopped at one. It simply did not become an attraction for the public.
Now they’re there again and trying to revive the league with Sekan at the center, this time with Henrik Dorsen as the more determined Sekan than comedian Josta Ekman with the right to enter. But it’s a bit like taking on a new corporate trip, so much of the magic lies in the crap of the times. Watching 80s Jönsson League movies today is fun, because you often remember what it was like to take a fun journey through time.
So it’s hard to make a fresh start in a time bound movie series. Thomas Alfredsson, Henrik Dorsen and Richard Olfshamar who wrote the script have done it well, here’s a coup, perhaps a little complicated, and a gallery featuring challenging characters but most of them love mutual mosquitoes and Doris and Harry’s extended family. So ‘Watch out for the Jönsson League’ is a couch TV entertainment moment, the pandemic makes it go live, but nothing beats the nostalgia of the 80’s Jönsson League.

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